Soft Skills

Human Resources Courses

  • 2 days SK04-01

    Business Succession Planning


    Developing and Maintaining a Succession Plan.

  • 3 days SK04-02

    Conducting Effective Performance Reviews.

  • 2 days SK04-03

    Creating an Attractive Business Résumé.

  • 2 days SK04-04

    Employee Dispute Resolution


    Mediation through Peer Review.

  • 2 days SK04-05

    Getting Your Job Search Started.

  • 2 days SK04-06

    Hiring Smart


    Behavioral & Performance-Based Techniques.

  • 3 days SK04-07

    HR for the Non HR Managers.

  • 2 days SK04-08

    Mastering the Interview.

  • 2 days SK04-08

    Orientation Handbook


    Getting Employees Off to a Good Start.